y o u' v e   m a d e   i t    (s m i l e s) . . . 
   So first things first; this blog is not just tailored for 'petite' ladies, but for any lady interested in Fashion, Style and Beauty. 
 "Dee" stands for my name, 'Doyin', and I'm sure you've guessed it by now; I am 'petite', 5"2 to be precise! 

I am a student studying Education & Sociology but outside the educational realm ; I sing at weddings and events and enjoy reading fashion blogs and socialising

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A    c o u p l e   f a  c  t s   a  b  o  u  t   m e  :  

*Have an Identical Twin
*Favourite colour is 'Teal'
 *I am a sucker for red roses!

This blog will be filled with OOTD'S (Outfit Of The Day's), Days Out, My Fashion Bargains, Hair and Beauty Talks, and other fun bits and bobs!

I admire street style ( street chic in particular) and I'm not afraid to go up to someone and compliment them about their outfit!

I'm here to inspire and encourage you ladies to embrace your style whatever it might be. It's not about fitting in or trying to look like someone else. It's about doing YOU and being confident in what ' you' want to wear. Go ahead and  inject a bit of 'edge' in your every-day-style. 

Wear that statement necklace to work! Rock that quilted embellished tote bag. Put on some red lippy on a 

 Life feels so much better when you "just do you"


Thank you for taking the time to read.
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With Love,

D E E P E T I T E'

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