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 .. I love a red lip any day of the week ( mainly on the weekends) / its a colour that brings out the spice in me lets say ! It's fun, bold and just mm-mm! My love for the red lip has grown over the past year or so - I used to run far, far away from it! It seemed way too bright for me and I was pretty happy with my relationship with my Carmex ha! This all changed when I discovered the shade which suited me best - and that is the most important thing. You want a shade which is not too bright - so bright that it is the first thing people notice on your face- not cool ! And a shade that it is so dark it pulls the mood of your whole make-up look all the way down.  My top tip is to experiment at home and ALWAYS go in store to check out your shade properly before you purchase it online! Lastly if you feel like wearing a red lip on a Monday - do it! Don't even think twice about it ! / Beauty and Fashion is 'meant' to be a fun enjoyable experience for us women and over-thinking and comparing makes it a bitter one. Less over-thinking: more doing.


EYES | Primark 'Sultry' Eyelashes 
LIPS | Eyebrow Pencil + Red Lip Liner + Mac's Ruby Woo
FACE | Mac Pro Long-wear Concealer NC45/NW40 - Love this concealer
JEWELLERY | 'Hoop Earrings' Primark ofcourse honey! 



I am a huge fan of the darker shades of red in comparison the 'tangier reds'. Personally, I feel that the darker shades of red compliment me more and I just love the way it pops but still remains subtle. Whatever shade you have grown to love, it doesn't matter as long as you rock it hard. Below I have some pictures of the type of reds I love! 

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