A Stroll In The Park.


Guess who's back! Just that lil somebody with lots to share! Happy New Month! I apologise guys! I know I have been a little quiet. I was busy with uni essays and life- but still it's no excuse! I missed my be-loved blog! Sooo this time around we are talking 'Parks'. Not just any old park guys, this is the 'Park' of all Parks! Holland Park! 

Goodness me! This place is so beautiful! I could spend the entire day there. So what brought me here anyway? Well, a good o'l secondary school friend of mine is an upcoming photographer who was interested in doing some test shots (ETM / Emmanuel Techie-Menson).  I am no model but I love embarking on experiences that are out of the ordinary.You could call me a 'Spontaneous-Liver' - I am up for anything especially if it involves helping people. I had so much fun man, and for once the sun was actually blazing .. Us Brits know the struggle Mmm ha! 
Holland Park is any photographer's dream and is considered to be one of the most peaceful and romantic parks in London, and its not hard to see why. A mix of woodland and formal gardens around the ruins of Holland Park House, the 54-hectare area also includes and orangery, Japanese gardens, tennis courts and If that’s not enough, they even have peacocks too! 

If you wanna know what a true cobalt blue looks like - just take a quick peek at the skin of a peacock- beautiful just doesn't cut it... how about 'breath-taking'.If you're not a  Hyde park kinda chap .. Or have been searching for a park where everyone doesn't flock to like sheep, Then welcome my friends, To a new chilling spot for this Summer! This is definitely the place to be - And  ooh and did I mention they have a Giant Outdoor Chess Set! Even if you're not great at the game it's still an interesting  element to the park- looks really cool ha! Anyway enough chit-chat! I can go on for a bit ha. Here are some shots from the day. 


So guys I am no official model ha! But I do love fashion shoots and what they entail. I had people stopping me in the public asking me if I was a model  and my response to some of them was; "Can you see how short I am!", but I was flattered. - Just to contradict myself, I don't think height matters. It took a lot of courage for me to do this especially in a public park with people stopping  and looking and pointing but I just went into 'work' mode. I had a lot of fun and I would love to have many more experiences like this. So anyone out there looking for a beauty or hair model/fashion model, or just a model for a general test shoot for lighting I'm all yours ha! ASOS, Topshop, Monki Missguided, Primark River Island - I'll take the lot! Take a look at some shots!

It's all about the Black & White Honey! Well that's all I need. I am sucker for it and I am not afraid of mixing patterns and having fun. To be honest, this wasn't the outfit I was initially going to wear- I wanted to pair the long plaza trousers with a plain black crop top - then boom! I saw this geometric print crop top and thought hmm, I feel for some clashing today! 

I love the marriage between 'monochrome' and  'pattern'. This is a bold, yet chic look- perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd! Just before I leave, I just wanted to emphasise the importance of having an eye for fashion. I don't like spending ridiculous money so I am always on my a-game when it comes to searching for a bargain. 

I definitely recommend shops like Risky because they sell  quality clothing originally sold buy boohoo at cheap prices! Check them out if you haven't already. Enough talk, why don't you check out the 'mono'- trend for yourself. Let me know your thoughts ! 





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