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You've guessed right?! I am a singer and have been singing professionally for a long while . My earliest memory of singing was at  primary school . I vividly remember those assemblies we had to sit through which felt like an eternity, where we used to sing various hymns.... I'll never forget the one about why 'Moses crossed the red sea'... and 'The water of Life' song ha! Back then singing was something that I truly enjoyed and still do now but I never took it as serious or thought of it as 'my gift' persay.

From then on, I continued singing in secondary school; studied music, attended talent shows with my twin sister; Dayo. She sings too and is one of my biggest inspirations ha! It was during my earlier teens that I joined a band and sung with several different choirs and thoroughly enjoyed my experience, most especially with the NXGN Choir ( Next Generation Choir, RCCG).

Twice a year, we ministered a collection of songs at the ExCel London Exhibition and Convention Centre to thousands of people. I attended rehearsals along side my older brother; who is a producer ('Mr Damention') and sister, but only began singing at 13 because I was too young.This exposure at the tender age of 13 helped me gain confidence. Confidence not only in my self but having the confidence to sing in front of people regardless of the size of the crowd. 

It was during my early teens that I learnt about working with different people ; personalities and characters and how to act in different settings; 'formal' and 'informal'. I was always surrounded by people who were at least 3/4 years older than me and because of this, I matured quicker.

From then onwards, I continued with my singing, auditioned for the X-factor but was unfortunately unsuccessful with a perplexing and unclear reason as to why. This devastated me at the time, but looking back now, I realise that if I didn't go through that I wouldn't be as strong as I am today. 

| T H E 'N O W' |

 Today, I still currently sing at gigs, weddings, events and church and write songs. 
                .....  I  m e a n  .....  'y o u  j u s t  c a n 't  p a u s e  p a s s i o n'. 

  Apart from singing I dance and act and spent a year at Reynolds Performing Arts School. I also play the drums, which I enjoy incredibly, but I'm still learning from my bro ! *covers face* haha! 

             M I D E | #InCarSessions | D O Y I N


M Y S O U N D ft J A Z Z & N E O - S O U L

I admire so many different genres of music; from R&B to Indie ... Indie to Blues .. I could go on but I want you to stay awake ha!Despite this, apart from the Gospel music I listen to .. Nothing does me better than  Jazz & Neo-soul ! 
I  a d o r e Jazz and soul music, with 'e x t r a' emphasis on the 'adore' ...if there isn't enough haha !!! I enjoy listening to that inner cry or that happiness in the vocal and you'd think I'm crazy but it touches me real deep... Like I feel it. 

With music I can't only focus on the vocals when there is so much  beautiful ridiculousness happening in the background! Those baselines, that drummer solo, the strings, the oo's and ahh'sthat modulation .. It is everything!

Some of the Artists I am currently L O V I N G :  *  L a l a h   H a t h a w a y
                                                                                  * K i n g
                                                                                  *  G w e n n  B u n n
                                                                                  * A l e x  I s l e y
                                                                                  * A r i  L e n n o x
                                                                                  * E m i l y  K i n g 
                                                                                  * M u s i q  S o u l c h i l d

 I can not describe what music;singing means to me, and I'm not in to the cliches.. but I will say .. I will never overlook the fact that it is something I can not take full credit of. I believe that God has given us all  different gifts and talents.. Mine just happens to be singing. It is not about comparing yourself to others. You might excel in something that another fellow may struggle. Embrace your gifts and talents and stop comparing and envying... Trust me, it is then that you will know the definition of peace.   

Thank you for taking the time to read.
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With Love,

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  1. Nice account, your a great singer and very beautiful


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